Integrative Massage & Body Psychotherapy

Biodynamic Massage

Biodynamic Massage is a holistic and integrative approach which comprises a range of diverse and complementary techniques.    It works both at the physiological level of skin, tissue, muscle and bone, and at the level of the more subtle energy in the body.

It is based on a psychological understanding of the body and is designed to respond to the particular needs of each individual.    Its range is broad - from revitalising and invigorating, to working deeply to release tension, to providing the support and comfort of a gently flowing massage.



This type of massage has the capacity to work at an emotional level, working with the effects and origins of stress. Its founder, Gerda Boyesen, a Norwegian physiotherapist and psychotherapist, realised that attention to the sounds of intestinal peristalsis helped in resolving interrupted cycles of embodied experience. Working in this way can promote deep relaxation, improvement of circulation and immune functioning, increased energy and well-being.   It may help relieve chronic symptoms such as hypertension, digestive problems, skin complaints, depression, anxiety and insomnia.